Monday, October 12, 2015

The Weekend Situation - 10/10

This weekend Mr. Mac was out of town.  So, the girls and I did some fun stuff together.  Friday, we went to see Hotel Transylvania!  It was a pretty funny movie and would recommend seeing it.

Saturday morning, I made the girls Halloween costumes, then we went to a friend's birthday party.

After the birthday, we checked out a local winery, Spring Run Vineyards, with some other friends.  The winery had a small band and some vendors selling things.  The girls had a good time going into the vineyard and climbing trees with the owner's daughter.

When we left the winery, the girls and I went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and then stopped by the Halloween store for a few supplies I needed to finish up their costumes.

Sunday, I taught B how to latch hook, then we went bowling!


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