Monday, September 28, 2015

The Weekend Situation - 9/26

This weekend started with a movie night at the girl's school.  They each  made a box car to sit in during the movie.  Here are a couple pictures of them making their cars, but I forgot to get a good picture of the finished products! :(

On Saturday, we planned to go apple picking, but the weather was rainy, so instead we rode out to Scottsville for lunch and got our growlers filled at James River Brewer.  I love their chalkboard taps.

A lot of the breweries we go to have games and the girls will sit and play the whole time.  MK just learned how to play Rummy and she's taught the whole family.

Sunday, we just went to church and made dinner at home. The girls even made brownies for dessert!

Friday, September 25, 2015

New Items in the Shop - 9/25

I've added a couple Christmas items to my shop this week.

Be sure to check out my Halloween items as well, it will be here before you know it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Embroidered Halloween Pillow

A week ago, I started working on an Halloween embroidery project using some designs from Doodle Stitching: The Holiday Motif Collection.  I drew a few pictures on my material and came up with this design.

Since I had some left over pumpkin material, I decided to use it for the back.  I have this pillow already and I was just going to basically take the existing cover off and make a new cover to go on it for Halloween.  I just used the existing cover as a pattern to get the size right for my new cover.

The pumpkin material for the back is two pieces and the pillow will just slide into it making it an envelope type back.  This is super easy as it requires no zippers or buttons to close it.

Here is the finished pillow! This took me less than 30 minutes to sew (minus the embroidery).

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Weekend Situation - 9/12

This weekend started out with a 9/11 program at my daughter's school. B read a poem with her friend and MK sang God Bless America with her class.

On Saturday, we headed to Virginia Tech for the football game.  We did a little tailgating with some friends in the RV lot prior to the game.  We cooked the lunch for the game which was a low country boil.

Friday, September 11, 2015

New Items in the Shop! - 9/11

This week I've been working on growth charts for my shop.  Below are the few I have done so far.  Remember, I also do custom orders and anything in my shop can also be customized with a name.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pumpkin Fall Wreath

This is a simple Fall Wreath that I put together this year.  It's ALL pumpkins!  And no I am not a pumpkin spice anything fan...just got inspired with this pumpkin fabric I found.

hot glue gun and e6000 glue

I started by just ripping a strip of fabric.

Next hot glue one end of the strip on the wreath and start wrapping.  I added some hot glue every so often to hold the fabric down.

My faithful helper was standing by....

Next I glued some gourds onto the wreath.  A little trick I do is use e6000 glue so it will hold them on really good, but I also put a little hot glue to hold them in place until the e6000 glue can dry. 

Next I just added a simple bow with some burlap ribbon.

(That's a little whale shelf I'm working on for the shop in the background. )

Looks good and will last through until Christmas!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Weekend Situation - 9/5

The weekend started out pretty mellow with a family cookout to send off Mr. Mac's cousin to the marines!  He leaves this week.

On Saturday, we stayed home most of the day, but headed out in the late afternoon to one of our favorite breweries for dinner.  They were releasing a new Saison beer this weekend.

After dinner we headed over to the Diamond to watch our local team the Squirrel's play ball.  We were even lucky and got to see fireworks after the game!

Sunday, after church, I took the girls to the pool.  They made up a little 'dance' routine in the water to show me :)  And I started working on a embroidered pillow for Halloween!

Be sure to check out my shop, I've recently listed several Halloween items and will be listing a few more things this week!  WendyMacDesigns