Monday, August 31, 2015

The Weekend Situation - 8/29

This weekend was my niece's birthday.  So after a day at her pool, my girls got to spend the night at her house with some of her friends.

This gave Mr. Mac and I a free night!  So, we checked out Conch Republic at Rocketts Landing along the river in the city.  I grew up about 15 minutes or so from this area and it is crazy how different it is now.  When I was little it was old rundown warehouses.  They have now revitalized them into luxury condos and restaurants.

And they just happened to have my favorite Devil's Backbone beer - Trail Angel Weiss.

After dinner, we headed to one the city's local breweries (Ardent) to get our growlers filled.  The outdoor seating was great!!

The next day after we picked up the girls from the sleepover, we took them into the city to see pipeline trail.  This runs right along the river and you actually walk on top of a pipe!

But probably the scariest coolest thing I did this weekend was open my shop on Etsy!  You can check it out here:


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