Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If you have little girls, you have magic wands!

A few months ago, I was cleaning out my girl's toys and noticed just how many magic wands we had accumulated.  So, I started putting them into a pile, with thoughts of sorting and getting rid of a few.  There were big ones, little ones, sparkly ones, feather ones, light-up ones and my favorite homemade ones!  We even had a toothbrush magic wand from when B was the tooth fairy and MK was the 'tooth' for Halloween (this is just a typical MK crying pose).

Wow, the magic of magic wands....wouldn't it be nice if we could simply wave a magic wand and fix everything?!?  Or get our every wish?!?  I didn't get things cleaned-up quick enough and when the girls came home from school they were ecstatic to see all their magic wands in one pile.  The imagination started and there were lots of 'bippity-boppity boos' flowing through the house.  Needless to say, we still have (almost) every magic wand to this day.  We even have a really cool one now that lights up and makes fairy noises now! 

So, one morning I got up a little early and made these pencil magic wands for the girls.  They are pretty simple, so I'll just show how to make them in pictures.

 B and MK LOVED them!  They wanted to sharpen the pencil and use them for writing!

Then some magic happened!

Oh my goodness, MK turned into a cat!  I guess little boys have swords, but I'll stick to magic wands any day!


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