Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Carrots

I made a few carrots to fill a bowl in our living room using some supplies I had on hand!

Orange yarn
green rick-rack
Styrofoam cone shapes

Gut 3 pieces of rick-rack about 6 inches long.  Then hot glue the rick-rack to the top like so...

Next start winding the orange yarn around the rick-rack, hot gluing as you go.

Just continue to wind around the cone, hot gluing here an there.

I only had time to make 3....
So, I added some Easter eggs to the bowl!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Glitter Bunny t-shirt

The first time I used freezer paper to make a t-shirt here, it turned out so good, I thought I'd give it another try!

gold glitter fabric paint
pink ribbon
white yarn or white pom-pom
freezer paper

I already had the bunny patter from felt bunnies and a banner I made before.  I needed a little bigger bunny for my oldest daughter's t-shirt so I just made bigger one.

Just trace the pattern onto freezer paper and cut out.

Next, iron on your shirt. Before ironing, I measured from each side to the bunny to make sure he was centered.  Place something inside the shirt (like newspaper) and start painting!  I waited for mine to dry a little bit and then painted some more to get more sparkle!  Once try carefully pull the freezer paper off.

I decided to make white bunny tails from yarn, but you could easily use a pom-pom.

I just sewed the bunny tail on and also a little pink bow for her head.

These will be perfect to change into after church on Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Easy Hairbow holder

I always love to look at these pre-painted wood shapes at craft stores and I have made many things with them.  Then I got the idea to make a hairbow holder!

Wood shape (I picked the bee and castle)
Ribbon - 1 wide and 1 a little narrower
Thin ribbon for hangling

I got all the ribbon in the dollar bin and the little shapes were 59 cents.  Start by measuring and cutting your ribbon.  I cut mine a yard long.

Then just hot glue the thinner ribbon to the wider ribbon about every 10 inches or so.

Next just hot glue one end of the ribbon to your wood shape and glue a loop of the thin ribbon on for hanging.

So simple, but it turns out really cute!