Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Playdough Valentines

This is a simple Valentine we made for MK's class.  The hardest part was finding the heart cookie cutters.  Randomly, I found them at our local Food Kitty at only 5 for $1!!

small playdough
heart cookie cutters
plastic bags

I had these stickers printed from Vista Print.  A sheet of 24 was about $2.25.  I get stickers printed from them from time-to-time with my kid's names on them.  We used them on school folders, tupperware, etc.  I thought some Valentine one's would be cute for this, but you could easily use plain stickers.

There's really not much to this, just assemble as such.

This took like 10 minutes to do and it was something my 5 year old could do by herself!


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