Friday, February 28, 2014

Clothespin Picture Holder

I got inspired on a trip to Lowe's and thought of this clothespin picture holder for my mother-in-law.  It's unique in that it has enough clips for all the grandchildren!

wood strip
wood decorations (optional)

I started by cutting the wood strip to the length I needed and gluing the clothespins down.

Once they were dry, I just painted the wood strip blue.  I also added some white paint to age it a bit.

I let my older daughter decide how to decorate it. She picked out this 'Family' sign and painted.

Then we just glued it on the front along with a butterfly she picked out.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Simple Tablecloth

When my granny passed away, I got her old card table.  This thing is pretty rickety, but I love that it's all wood.  I use it mostly in my craft room, but have pulled out for parties and such.

I have been wanting a tablecloth for it, but it's not easy to find one that fits a card table.  So, I decided to make one myself.  I got this panel at Jo-Anne's on clearance for $3/yard.

I love the little birdie pattern.  I knew it would be a little small, so I also got some yellow plaid material on clearance as well for $2/yard.

I cut 4 strips of the yellow material, 7 inches wide and the length of the material.

I pinned and sewed two down either side of the panel.

Then I did the same along the top and bottom.

To finish the edges instead of hemming them, I just cut them with my pinking shears.  I may go back eventually and hem them, but for now it is ok.

And here it is on the table....

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine Cupcake Kit

I made this simple cupcake kit for my nephew for Valentine's!

cupcake liners
cupcake picks
small containers for sprinkles
box or container

I started by filling the containers with some sprinkles.  The containers I found in Target where the travel size toiletries are.  I just added some foam hearts to the lids.

Next, I just started to assemble the items in the box.

I decorated the outside of the box with some ribbon and that was it!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Playdough Valentines

This is a simple Valentine we made for MK's class.  The hardest part was finding the heart cookie cutters.  Randomly, I found them at our local Food Kitty at only 5 for $1!!

small playdough
heart cookie cutters
plastic bags

I had these stickers printed from Vista Print.  A sheet of 24 was about $2.25.  I get stickers printed from them from time-to-time with my kid's names on them.  We used them on school folders, tupperware, etc.  I thought some Valentine one's would be cute for this, but you could easily use plain stickers.

There's really not much to this, just assemble as such.

This took like 10 minutes to do and it was something my 5 year old could do by herself!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Banner Valentine Kit

This year for B's class Valentine's, we put together this mini banner making kit!

scrapbook paper
bakers twine
Valentine stickers

I started by making a template and cutting out the pennants.  Each banner will have 5. 

I used my folder to fold over the top edge.  Then glued them down onto baker's twine.

Then it was just assembling!  I put the banners in a clear plastic bag and added two sticker sheets to each. I found these sheets at Target.

Next, I cut some hearts out using my punch and added to the bags.  The kids can use the stickers and hearts to decorate their banner how they want.

I printed these cards out on our printer and included in each bag.