Friday, January 31, 2014

American Girl Valentine Set

I saw a Valentine Set on the American Girl website and decided to give a try making one myself. Well, actually I made several, two for my girls and a few for gifts.

puffy paint
lollipop stickes
small cups or baskets
scrap material (Valentine colors)
scrapbook paper
felt (red,pink,white,tan) - regular and stiff felt
hot glue

I started with the cookie bouquet. I cut out tons of hearts from the felt.  Each cookie should have one heart cut out from the stiff felt.  Each lollipop stick will be sandwiched between two hearts, so you need at least two hearts per cookie.

Next, I cut the lollipop sticks in half and glued all my cookies together using hot glue.

Using puffy paint, I added some embellishments to the hearts.

Once they were dry, I cut some scrap material cut into circles.  I put a dot of hot glue in the bottom of a small paper cup and pushed some floral foam down over the material.

Then I just pushed the sticks down into the foam.

Next, I worked on the balloons.  I found these heart ornaments at Joann's.  They are made out of Styrofoam.  I cut the loop of string off the top of each one.

I used longer lollipop sticks and fashioned a loop at the bottom out of wire. The doll will use this to hold the balloon.

I covered the stick with some scrap red material I had. Then I put a little hot glue on the top and pushed it into the bottom of the heart.

I put a dot of hot glue at the top and tied some ribbon around for decoration.

Finally, I just had to make the little heart banner!  Using my heart cutter, I cut 4 hearts out for each and glued onto ribbon.

And here is B's doll with the whole set.  I also whipped together some Valentine skirts to round out the set.


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