Wednesday, December 11, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 8 - Burlap Christmas Balls

Yep, here I go again with the burlap.  Last month, I made burlap pumpkin...this month, I decide to make some burlap ornaments.  These came together really fast!  So, if you need a last minute gift these are pretty easy to make.

Green, white, red paint
old plastic bags
I started by cutting out circles, you will need two for each ornament.

Next, I 'stuffed' each with some old grocery bags and sewed them up.

Once, I had them sewed, I trimmed the edge pretty close to the seam, painted them red and green and added polka-dots.

Once they were dry (it's so hard to wait for them to dry!!), I added a wire loop for hanging and a red bow on each.

I think these came out much cuter than I expected!!


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