Monday, December 9, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 6 - Santa Hairbows

There are several steps to this hairbow, but they turn out super cute making it all worth it!

wide red grosgrain ribbon
white grosgrain ribbon
peach or pink grosgrain ribbon
small wiggle eyes
small red pom-poms
white pom-poms
white yarn
hair clips
Start by covering the hairclip with the peach or pink ribbon.

Next, cut 12 pieces of white ribbon 3 inches long.

Then cut one piece of red ribbon 2.5 inches long.

Fold each of the white ribbons in half and hot glue at the top.

Then start gluing the white ribbons on to form a beard. I glued 8 loops down and then put 4 on top to make it more 3-dimensional.

Next, cut the wide piece of ribbon like below, fold it down and glue.

Glue it onto the Santa face.

Glue a white piece of ribbon along the bottom of the hat to make the brim.
Next, cut two pieces of yarn about 1 inch long and tie together with a third piece.  This makes the mustache.

Glue a white pom-pom on his hat and the wiggle eyes and that's it!!


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