Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 1 - Felt Christmas Trees

Last Christmas, a friend's mother wrote me and asked if I had ever made these little felt Christmas trees.  I had never even seen them, but they are so cute and simple to make.  I had all the supplies on hand and whipped up two in no time!

wood skewers
wine corks

I started by tracing and cutting out 3 circles of felt, each one a little larger than the previous one.

Then find the center of each circle by folding it in quarters and marking the center with a vanishing marker.

Carefully poke the skewer through the smallest circle, then the middle size one and finally the largest one.

Cut a wine cork in half for the base and stick the skewer in.

I used some old gifts tags I had left over from last year for the toppers on mine.  If you find your trees topple over easily, carefully shave off a little of the cork to make it more flat.  I also used some packaging tape to stick one of mine down because it kept falling over.

Thanks Mama G for the great idea!! 


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