Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin Skirt

I recently made a little orange chevron skirt.  This is just a simple elastic waist skirt with a ruffle added to the hem.  I decided to jazz it up a little and add a felt pumpkin to it.  I used wool felt so it is washable.

wool felt

I started by drawing a simple pumpkin pattern.  To make it even, I traced a circle on the paper and then 'plumped' it into a pumpkin.  Here I placed the pattern on the skirt to see if it was the size I wanted.

Next, I cut the pumpkin out of orange felt and the stem out of green.  Using my vanishing marker, I drew the lines of the pumpkin on the orange.  This would be a guide for sewing this onto the pumpkin.

Then I just back-stitched down the pumpkin and stitched the stem on.

Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of how the stem was sewn on, but I just backed stitched onto the pumpkin at the bottom of the stem.  Once that was done, I pinned it onto my skirt really good.

Then just did a simple running stitch around the pumpkin and the stem.  I didn't iron it on or anything in case one day, I don't want the pumpkin on this skirt, I can easily just snip the running stitch.

And here is the skirt all finished!

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  1. Awwww , so cute! I can see my daughter in this. She's probably pair it with her purple striped tights and a polka dot shirt. Fashion only goes so far with a five year old. :)