Friday, October 4, 2013

Jack-o-lantern Snowglobes

I still have a lot of baby food jars in my craft closet, so I decided to make some jack-o-lantern ones for Halloween.  These are so simple, a child could make them and they turn out super cute!!

food coloring
black paint pen

I decided to paint my lids green, but I don't know that this is absolutely necessary.

While the lids were drying, I filled my jars with water and added food coloring to dye the water orange.

I read somewhere that baby oil will help keep the glitter from falling so quick.  I have like 3 bottles still in the girls bathroom, I don't think I ever used it when they were little so I thought I'd give it a try.  It worked OK and I'd probably do it again because I have it on hand.  You can also put some glycerin in to achieve the same effect.

Once the lids were dry, I ran a little bit of glue around the inside and sealed them jars shut.

The rest is simple, just add a ribbon bow.

And draw a face on with the paint pen. If you didn't want to mess with a paint pen, stickers of the fun foam would also work good.

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  1. Very cute and a great project for kids to make and have fun! Thank you so much for sharing your cute glittery pumpkins at the Fluster Buster Party Wendy! Have a great day, Lizy party co host!