Friday, October 18, 2013

Ghosty Hairbow

I tend to have a lot of extra ribbon left over from projects and here was one way I used some up to make some hairbows and pins.

white grosgrain ribbon
orange thin ribbon
wiggle eyes
glue gun

Start by cutting the white ribbon.  For the hairbows, you will need 4 pieces of white ribbon and for the pins, you will need 3 pieces of white ribbon. The ribbon should be cut about 4.5 inches long.  Also, tie small bows out of the orange thin ribbon.

I was making several at once, so I went ahead and cut all that I needed.  Start, buy folding the white ribbon in half and gluing it down at the top near the crease.

Then just glue the white pieces onto a pin, overlapping them.

Then just glue the bow to the top and the wiggle eyes on.

Since the hairclips were longer, I glued 4 pieces of white ribbon folded in half to make the ghost.  And here is the whole slew of ghosts I made!

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