Friday, September 27, 2013

Burlap Banner

I made this simple burlap banner for MK's new teacher.  Somehow, I always seem to have extra burlap hanging around.  So here is this craft simply in pictures...

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Friday, September 20, 2013

PBJ Game

I saw this Peanut Butter and Jelly game a while back here.  I immediately went out and got all the supplies to make it and then they just sat in my 'to-do' project basket.  :(  I finally got around to making this little game last weekend and it turned out super cute!!

felt (purple, dark brown, light brown
wooden cube
checkered material (optional)
iron on velcro

I started by making a 'bread' shaped pattern.

Then I cut 4 purple shapes (jelly), 4 dark brown shapes (peanut butter) and 8 light brown (bread).  I made this game such that 4 players could play.

Next, I traced the block onto the felt and cut out squares.  You will need 2 of each color.

Elmer's glue seemed to work fine for gluing them onto the block.

Next I made the sack for the game.  This is optional because I think you could just as easily use a brown lunch bag!  Sorry, I did not take measurements for my bag, but it's pretty self-explanatory how to make it through the pictures.

Once I had the bag made, I just used to iron on velcro for the closure.

The game concept is pretty simple....role the die and make a PBJ sandwich.  We play that you have to make the sandwich in this order...bread, PB, Jelly, bread.  If it's your turn and you don't roll the piece of the sandwich you need, then it moves to the next persons turn.

This is a great idea!  And the kids love rolling the die to make a PBJ sandwich.  Thanks Family Home and Life blog!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ruffle T-shirt

I have a cream tank top I purchased a while back from Anthropologie and it has a cute ruffle of lace around the bottom. I always thought I could make something similar but maybe with some color, so I gave it a try.

1 yard of material
I started by cutting the material into two 14 inch x 28.5 inch pieces of material.   I planned for the skirt to be about 6 inches long, I folded the material in half to make it this way.  The reason I cut it 14 inches wide is so I could match up the chevron without any problems on the side seams.  I wanted the skirt to be 57 inches around to get a decent ruffle.  Since my material wasn't that long, I had to cut two pieces 28.5 inches wide and sew together.  When I am making a skirt that will be gathered, I generally go 1.5 times the length around the bottom of the shirt, but if you want it more full, you can go 2 times around.

After I got the material cut, I pinned it up the sides, carefully matching up the chevron.

Then I sewed up both sides and ended up with a loop of material.

Then I folded the material in half and ironed.  I wanted the pattern on both sides of the ruffle.  I also went ahead and cut it to about 6.5 inches long at this point as well.

I have used this technique many times before...hand-wind a bobbin with elastic thread (trust me it does not take long).  Then I sewed the top of the skirt with the elastic thread bobbin in my machine and regular thread on top.  This will gather the material for you (you can see this on the back side of my machine in the second picture).

Then I just pinned it onto my t-shirt and sewed it on!

This will look great worn as is or underneath a sweater or sweatshirt with the ruffle part hanging out the bottom.

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