Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yarn Octopus!

I saw one of these years ago in a magazine and I finally decided to give it a try with my girls. It's a great way  to use up some yarn and a fun end of Summer craft to make!

favorite color yarn (you will need almost a whole skeen)
styrofoam balls
wiggly eyes

Start by wrapping the yarn around something.  We used the girls play table, it is about 28 inches long.  If you want longer legs, wrap around something bigger.  I taped the end down and then they just started wrapping.

Once everything is wrapped, cut a two pieces of yarn about 10~12 inches long.

Carefully pull the yarn off the table and find the center.  Tie one of those pieces of yarn around it.  I also made a loop in the top, so the octopus could be hung.

 Cut the looped ends.  Don't worry if it's not too even, we'll trim them up in the end.

Put the ball in the middle and wrap the yarn around it.  Tie a piece of yarn around the bottom.

Now, just divide they yarn into 8 (about) equal sections for the legs.  I found it easy to divide into 4 sections, then divide those in half.

Then just start braiding each leg and tie the end with another piece of yarn or ribbon.  This was a great way for the girls to practice braiding!!

Once done, trim the legs even (keep a waste basket under where you are trimming).

Finally, glue on some wiggly eyes and you are done!

The girls were very happy with their new toys!

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  1. SO cute! Pinning from Diana's Pin Me Party! Cute little faces too!

  2. Oh! I had one of those when I was a kid! So cute! Thanks for the memories! :)