Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Wreath

I saw this awesome sparkly star at Walmart for $3 and had to have it.  It was a little too small for our door, so I decided to add it to a grapevine wreath.

sparkly star
grapevine wreath

I started by just wiring on the star to the wreath at 3 of the points.  I put the wire around the point and stuck the wire into the middle of the wreath (not around the wreath).  This hides the wire in the wreath.

Next, I made simple bow with some bandana print ribbon I had and wired it to the top.

Then just hang up and enjoy!!

See my little Toby the turtle on the bottom left, he's a succulent (covered in moss and little flowers).  My work gave him to me when my dad passed and I really hope I can keep that cute little turtle alive (I am not the best at plants).  
So far, so good!

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Fluster Buster

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Star Felt Ornaments

I have a lot of scrap felt sitting around, so I decided to make some star ornaments for the summer!


Using my star cookie cutter, I cut out a pattern and then just cut a bunch of stars out of the felt.

Next I just sewed buttons on half the stars in various designs.

This was going on while I was sewing!!!

Here are all the stars with the buttons on the fronts!

To make the stars, I just did a simple running stitch around the edge, being sure to include a loop of ribbon at the top.  I also added a teeny bit of pillow stuffing to each.

I made a dozen of these for my stick tree!

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Fluster Buster

Monday, July 1, 2013

American Flag Clutch

A friend sent me this link for making some shirts for the 4th on Our Good Life blog.  These were super easy, no sew!  So, I whipped up these shirt the other day, but I liked them so much I used the same design to make myself a clutch!

red rick-rack
navy ribbon
iron on tape
burlap pouch (I purchased several at Target's $1 spot a few months ago, but I have also seen these at JoAnne's and Michael's recently).
lining fabric

I started by measuring and cutting the fabric for my lining.  I also decided to add a little pocket inside as well.

First I sewed the pocket on then hemmed the sides.  I cheated on the top hem and just used the iron-on hemming tape.

Then I fit the lining inside and used the iron-on hemming tape to iron the top edge in.  I could not get this clutch on my machine to sew around, but later I will sew it in by hand.

Since the lining was done, I just cut the rick-rack and ribbon to make the flag and ironed it on using the tape.  I also ironed on the bow, too.

Next, I added a loop of ribbon for a handle.

Almost done, I hand sewed the to edge to make sure that lining stayed in.  This also put a nice little navy blue line across the top of the clutch.

And here is the completed clutch, already to use on Wednesday!

five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday

Fluster Buster