Friday, June 21, 2013

Chalkboard/Bulletin Board

I recently purchased this chalkboard/bulletin board at my church yard sale.  I know it's not very pretty, but I saw potential in it.

After taping it, up I painted it pink and put a couple new coats of chalkboard paint on.

Then I wanted to cover the bottom bulletin board with fabric, so I used some I had left over from the Easter baskets I made here.

I measured and cut the material adding a half inch edge around the edge. Then I ironed it down.

I sprayed some spray adhesive on the bulletin board and stuck the material on.

Next I wrote MK's name on with chalk to make sure I put it in the right spot.  Then I just painted over it with a paint pen.

I tied a ribbon around a string of ribbon and stapled the ribbon to the side of the board.

And that was it!  I think it turned out super cute!


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