Thursday, May 30, 2013

Minnie Mouse Pin

Today's craft is a Minnie Mouse pin.  This could also easily be attached to a hair clip or headband to make a cute head piece!

black material
red material
stiff red or black felt

To make this, I used the same method I did when making the Rosette Necklace.  Start by ripping the black material into strips.  Then tie a knot it the end of a strip and start twisting and wrapping around it, hot gluing every so often.

Repeat the same method, only making smaller circles for the ears.

For Minnie's bow, I simply ironed a strip of the red material into a ribbon, folded it and tie it in the middle.

After the bow is made, trace the Minnie Mouse head onto the stiff felt and cut out.

Glue the head to the felt, glue the bow on and the pin on the back.

That's it!

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