Friday, April 12, 2013

Simple Child's Apron

This year, B is having a cupcake decorating party for her birthday.  I decided to make the kids each an apron to use at the party and then take home.  I had this fabric I picked up last Summer at a yard sale, so I decided to go ahead and use it for the aprons.

Several years ago, I made the girls each an apron.  This is the one I made for MK and I used it as a guide, but I made the new ones a little larger since the girls have grown since then.

I cut the material 16 inches wide, folded in half.  So each piece of material would be 16 inches by 32 inches.

I then cut the ties 3 inches wide by the length of the material.  I honestly did not measure the length, but I did make sure it was long enough to tie in a bow around B and MK.

Next, I cut pockets 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches.  I cut one pocket for each skirt, folded down the top 1inch, ironed and sewed.

After that, I ironed the edges in around the pocket about .5 inches.  Then pinned them on the front of each skirt 5 inches from the top, 3 inches in from the side and sewed on.

Placing the wrong sides of the material together, I sewed around 3 sides.  Turned it right side out and ironed.

Now for the ties.  I folded the material in about .5 inches and ironed down each side.

Then folded it in half and ironed.

Then I set to pinning.  First I found the center of the top of the skirt and the center of the tie.  This is easily done by just folding in half and marking with a pin.  I pinned the two together at the center.

Then I measured over 2 inches on either side and made a simple pleat, pinned.

I then measured 3 inches over from the last pleat and made one more pleat, pinned.

Here is one skirt all pinned.

Fold the ends of tie in and sew down.

Then just sew down the length of the tie, sewing the apron onto it.

Here is MK modeling the first one I completed.  Then I finished up 6 more.

I also made a few robot ones for the boys the exact same way only leaving out the pleats at the top.

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  1. What a cutie! Thanks for the tutorial :)

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  2. This adorable but I super suck at sewing :(