Friday, April 19, 2013

Doll Bedding

Both my daughters asked for American Girl dolls for Christmas this year. I knew I wanted to make them something for them as a gift and I finally decided on doll beds and bedding.  I ordered this set of unfinished beds from Acraftersnook on Etsy.  I chose birds for the cut-out on the headboard.

Then I went to the fabric store for material.

After measuring the bed, these were my measurements for the bedding.  Mattress - 10 inches X 21 inches (2 pieces of heart fabric).  Bedspread 16 inches X 25 inches (1 piece of hear fabric, 1 piece of bumpy fabric).  Pillow 10 inches X 5 inches (1 piece of heart fabric, 1 piece of bumpy fabric).  This took into account a .25 inch seam allowance.

I measured and cut out all my material.

Then I started sewing... mattress and pillow first.

Then the bedspread.  I decided to add some rick-rack to the bedspread (I already had this on-hand).

After sewing the right sides together on the bedspread, I turned it right side out and sewed a quarter inch seam around the edge.

Halfway through making the bedspread, I decided some pom-pom's on the edge would look cute.  So, I had to put it on hold and go to the fabric store again.  But, I'm glad I added this extra detail.

I painted the beds white and put a chalkboard rectangle on the end for the girls to write their dolls name on.

They were wrapped in a BIG box under the tree and the girls were very excited to see what was in the box from mommy and daddy!

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  1. Fantastic job on the beds. I made something similar for my girls to play with their barbies. I think of all the barbie furniture they played with the beds the most. Hours of great fun. Your girls are lucky to have such a talented mom.