Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Couple Valentine Ideas

We made a couple different Valentine's this year.  One to give out to classmates and one to mail.  This first one, I am sure most of you have seen on the internet and Pinterest.... I made the cards myself and then just had them copied onto pink card stock.

The next Valentine I made this year to mail out to family and friends.  I used supplies we already had on hand to make them.

scrapbook paper
double sided tape.

I started by cutting out a bunch of felt hearts.

Next I used some scrapbook paper I had on hand and cut it to fit in some envelopes I had on hand.

Then I used double sided tape to tape down a picture and 3 hearts across the top.  The tape is just to hold these in place while sewing.

Next I sewed the hearts onto the paper, being sure to go through the photo.

Using some other scrap paper I had, I cut little pink rectangles.  Using the same method, I stuck them down with double-sided tape.

Then I stitched across the top of the pink strip.

Finally, I just signed the cards and they were ready to go!

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  1. i really like how these came together. so many pretty elements all rolled into one sweet little package! By the way, I am your newest follower.

    Bronwyn from www.queenbcreativeme.blogspot.com