Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Garland

Here's a simple garland I came up with...I love the bright color felt!


I started by tracing a heart pattern on the material and cutting out hearts.  I cut out 6 of each color, so 24 hearts total.

Next I stitched 4 together at a time on my machine.

I then hand-stitched each section of hearts together with 4 pom-poms in between.

Here's the long chain of garland....

Next, I dug out my silver Christmas tree and wrapped around...ta-da!!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Doll Cheering Outfit

So, we took the plunge and our girls got American Girl dolls from Santa this year.  I already made them beds and bedding (I'll show you in a future post how I did that.)  But, last Friday was B's first night cheering for this school year! Naturally, her doll needed a cheering outfit to match.  So, last weekend we went by the fabric store to get the supplies.  I went ahead and made two cheering outfits, so both my daughters have one for their dolls.

I purchased .25 yards of each color: navy, white and silver.  I had plenty of white and silver left over, but the navy was almost used up.  I also purchased iron on Velcro for closing the back of the top.

This is B's uniform this year, so I was going for something 'similar'.

Using another shirt and skirt outfit that we had, I made these patterns for the cheering outfit.  This skirt is a 5.75 X 5.75 inch square (2 pieces of navy). The front of the top is 5.75 inches tall X 6 inches wide.  I eyeballed the scoop neck.  After fitting it to the doll, however, I had add a little extra to the back of the top on the 'tank strap part' so that it would go over her shoulder.  The back of the top will be split and Velcro shut, so the pattern is two pieces of half the front (the green piece in my patterns below).

I decided to start with the skirt because I knew it would be the easiest to make.     B's cheering skirt has a silver band around the bottom.  So I cut two strips of silver to sew to the bottom.

I folded the silver strip in half and pinned to the bottom of each of the 4 pieces of navy material.  Then sewed it on.  After that I just sewed up the sides of the skirts.  I didn't fold over the top yet because I wanted to try it on the doll once I finished the top, so I would get the right length.

There was no way I was going to do all those angles on the top, like B's uniform, so we settled on this design.

I sewed the silver and white strips together and sewed it down the side of the front of the top.  I also sewed across the top of them, so it didn't gape open.

Notice anything?!?  After discussing more, B decided she would rather have more sparkly silver than white so we switched it up!

Now for the back.  I cut two pieces of navy and pinned them on,then just sewed the seams halfway up from the bottom (remember not all the way, need to leave room for the arms).

Next I sewed the tops of the sleeves together, forming a tank top.

Then I hemmed the bottom of the top and neckline.

Then I hemmed the back flaps.

Instead of sewing Velcro on, I used iron on Velcro.

I tried the top on the doll and figured out how much of the top on the skirt I needed to fold over.  Originally, I planned to make the skirt top band elastic, but this polyester material is pretty stretchy, so it was not even necessary.

Here is the doll outfit almost done...

I decided to make a simple bow for her hair.

And here is the cheerleader with her doll.  I added a megaphone button I found at the craft store to the top.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Washi Tape - Quick Tip!

Normally, I do a 'What I Wore' post today, but it's been raining every day.  So, I didn't get any really good pictures.  But, the other day, I had this brilliant idea of a neat way to use my washi tape.

Here is the box that holds our charger cords...

It sits on our kitchen counter like this...neatly hiding them away....

Every time I go to get one out, I have to figure out which one goes to what I am trying to charge.  So, why not use some Washi tape to label them?!?!

And here they are all neatly back in the box, with a roll of tape for future labeling purposes.

Happy Wednesday....Happy organizing!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowflake Garland

I first saw this idea on Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog at this post.  I thought it looked cute and I would give it a try.  I made mine slightly different as I did not sew mine together.

scrapbook paper
baker's twine
scrap paper

I got my sparkly paper at Target of only 99 cents a pack!!  First thing, I did was make a snowflake pattern using the scrap paper.

Then I traced it on the back of my paper, settled in catching up on some DVR shows and cutting away.

and more cutting....

After I arranged them how I liked, I punched holes in them like so....

For the bottom one, I tied it with bow.

Then looped it onto the next snowflake and ran the twine up the front of it lopping it onto the next snowflake.  I made three strands of 3 snowflakes each.

After I was all done, I hung them .  Ultimately, they ended up on our corner cabinet.

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