Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Felt Nativity Banner

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 8!!

Here's a simple nativity banner and an easy way to use up some scrap felt.  My mom has one very similar to this design that my older brother made when he was in pre-school.

Wonder Under
Embroidery floss

I started by cutting a simple stable shape out of brown felt.

Then I ironed Wonder Under on dark brown felt and cut strips to make the outline of the stable.  And ironed them down.  If you are making this with small children, they can glue the pieces of felt down instead of using Wonder Under.

I added a start to the top using Wonder Under and yellow felt.

Next I cut these simple shapes of Mary and Joseph out.  Just a circle for the head and triangles with a flat top for the body.

  Added the head dressing on each and a manger in the middle.

Some straw (strips of yellow felt) and a baby Jesus (white oval with a peach circle for the head).

I ironed Wonder Under on all the pieces of felt before I cut the shapes out.  Once I had everything in place, I ironed it down.

You can skip the next steps if you like, but I decided to stitch around all my pieces. 

 I used a blanket stitch around the outside edge.

Once done, cut a piece of card stock a little smaller than the felt.

Glue a ribbon loop at the top and then glue the felt to the card stock.

Hang and enjoy!! Merry Christmas!!


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