Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Dove Burlap Ornament

12 Days of Christmas Crafts - Day 2!!

I used some left over burlap I had to make these cute dove ornaments.

wonder under

I started by drawing a simple dove pattern and wing.
Next, I ironed the wonder under to the red burlap and drew my dove pattern on.

I cut them all out, you will need two red doves per ornament.

Then I ironed wonder under to the brown burlap, drew the wings on and cut them out.  You will need one wing per bird.

After ironing the wings on each bird.  I carefully pealed the wonder under off each red bird and ironed the two pieces together.  The wonder under helps keep the burlap from fraying so much.

Be sure to stick a loop of ribbon between the red birds before ironing them together.

Using my sewing machine, I stitched around each bird. This step is completely optional!  The two pieces are already stuck togehter with wonder under, so it is not necessary to sew around them.

Once that was done, I painted 'Joy' and 'Noel' on each bird.

And that's it!! I used up some old material I had around and made some cute ornaments.


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