Friday, November 2, 2012

Felt Shelf-sitter Owl

HEY GUYS!! Today, I am being featured on Abby's blog - 'Five Days Five Ways', so EXCITING!!  Be sure to check it on to today's craft....

Have you seen those cute little shelf-sitter decorations, with the long skinny legs hanging down?  I decided to make a few owl ones this year.  I seem to be making a lot of owl things lately... There are a lot of steps to this project, but it's the details that make this so unique.

pillow stuffing
scrap material in orange
scrap paper

I started by cutting a simple owl pattern out of scrap paper and then cutting the felt in that shape (you will need two for each owl.  I decided to go ahead and make 3 of these at once, one aqua, one mustard and one marroon.

Next, I made a pattern for the first layer of felt for the eyes.  Then I cut one for each owl.

 Then I cut two round circles of felt for each owl.  I used my pinking shears for these.

Then I did one more smaller set of circles for each owl.

I then cut the below pattern for the owls chest feathers.  I cut 3 for each owl.  The bottom feather only has 3 bumps.

Last, but not least, I cut out the wings, 4 for each owl. The wings will be stuffed with pillow filling lightly.  They are just simple half-moon shaped.

Now, time to sew!!  I first sewed on the feathers using my machine.

Then I pinned the first layer of the eyes on and sewed it on with my machine as well.

Next, I picked buttons for each owl and sewed them on through the two circles.

For the wings, I sewed them around, stuffed lightly and then pinned in place.

Next, I made a simple beak and sewed it on each.

After pining the other layer of material on top, I sewed the back on each owl and turned right side out.

Next, I made legs out of some left over orange gingham material I had.  I cut strips of material 14 inches by 2 inches wide, folded/ironed, then sewed down the length.

I cut out feet and sewed them to each leg.

Finally, I stuffed each owl,then fit a mason jar ring in the bottoms and sewed a circle felt.  Don't forget to stitch the legs in along the way!!

Yes, there were a lot of steps to this project...the key is to cut everything out at once, then sit down and sew it all together.  Total time was ~3 hours to make all 3 owls!!

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  1. How adorable! I just love these owls! Something about owls, they're so fall and cute. Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!