Friday, November 23, 2012

Felt Pin the Feather on a Turkey

I was recently asked to make a couple games for our school's Fall Festival.  I needed to make a 'Pin the Tail on the Deer' and 'Pin the Feather on the Turkey' game. These were so much fun, I really love to cut and put scraps of material or paper together.


I started by covering the cork-board with light blue felt.

I ironed on wonder-under to the light brown felt. Then I made a simple deer pattern out of newspaper and cut out the deer.

 Continuing in this same manner, I ironed wonder-under on dark brown felt.  Placing the felt at the top of the deer's head, I drew antlers on the wonder-under, cutout and ironed down.

I also ironed on the hooves, eyes and mouth.

I then made 3 tails to pin on and added a few spots to his back.  On the back of each tail, I ironed on a piece of iron-on velcro, so they will stick better.

I did similar steps to make the turkey...ironing wonder under to the felt, cutting out the shapes and ironing them to the background. 

Here is the iron on Velcro, I used stiff felt for the turkey's feathers, so they wouldn't flop off.

I hope these will be great at the festival and we'll be able to use them for a few years.


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