Monday, November 19, 2012

Cloth Corn decoration

I made this simple cloth corn hanging from some leftover scrap material I had on hand.  It only took about 20 minutes for the whole project!

Here's what you need...

scrap material (orange or yellow colors)
pillow stuffing

First, I made this simple oval corn shape out of paper as a pattern. Cut two corn shapes per material.  I made 3 pieces of corn for my hanging.

Place material right sides together and sew around the edge.  Leave an opening at the top to turn the corn right side out and for stuffing it.

Turn each right side out and stuff!

In the hole at the top, stuff some straw in.

Cut a long piece of twine or brown string and tie around the top of the corn.  Wrap the twine a round a couple times and tie again.  Be sure to leave a long piece of twine for tying the three pieces of corn together.

After all 3 pieces were made, I just tied them together are various lengths.


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