Friday, November 30, 2012

Bow Sweater Re-do

Last year, I went to a swap party at my friend, Heidi's house.  I picked up this cozy maroon sweater, it's a medium and I usually wear an XS. But, I thought the color would be great to wear to a Virginia Tech game and I could probably do something to make it fit better.

A quick trip to the craft store and I picked up the supplies I needed....some snaps and orange ribbon (2 yards).

2 Yards was more ribbon than I needed, but I wanted to make sure I would have enough to tie a nice bow.  I started by cutting the ribbon in half so I had 2 pieces, 1 yard each.  Then I heat sealed the ends using my grill lighter.

I tried the sweater on and crossed the two front flaps and marked with pins where they would be (sorry I forgot to take a picture of that).  I also marked with pins where the snap would need to be sewn on.  Then I just started sewing, first the snap.

Then the ribbon....

After I was done, I put it on my dress form and tied the bow.  Then I trimmed the ribbon and heat set the ends with my grill lighter.

I think it turned out super cute and will be nice and warm at a Fall Football game!

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  1. Great idea to bring this sweater down to size! And you can put a smaller sweater underneath. We are all about layering in this cold climate.
    Thanks for sharing.