Sunday, October 14, 2012

'Mason Jar Monday' - Owl!!

In May, I did a whole series on crafts using Mason jars.  You can see the posts here, here, here and here.   Going forward on occassion, I will do a Mason Jar Monday craft using a jar.

I apologize now for all the owl posts, but I cannot stop making owl crafts this year!! Still using up all my mason jars, I decided I'd go ahead and make an owl.

Here's what you need:
Mason Jar
acrylic paint
clear coat

I decided to do a white owl, so I painted a head and body on with cream paint.  This is super simple, just two ovals basically.  I did about 2 coats for these.

Next, I added some brown wings on either side. Again, just two ovals longways on either side of the body.

I then added a mask to start the eyes and feathers to his chest.

Next yellow circles for the start of his eyes and also some yellow dots on his feather to decorate.  I also added some purple lines to his wings.

Then a light brown circle for his eye, dark brown dot for the pupil and an orange beak.  I also added some more decorative dots around the 'mask' part of his eye.

A couple coats of clear coat and finally, some yarn and rick-rack I had on hand tied around the top.  Drop a tea light in and it's good to go.

'Hoo' else has made something cool with a mason jar recently??  I'd love to hear about it!

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