Friday, September 14, 2012

Simple Baby Burp Clothes

Here's a simple way to jazz up some burp clothes for a new baby!

white cloth diapers
scrap material
rick-rack (optional)

Start by folding the diapers in thirds and ironing them.

Next, cut a strip of material 4 inches wide and a length about 1.5 times as wide as the diaper.  Mine was just the length of the material (36 inches). 

Folder over one edge about an inch and iron.

Fold the other edge over a little over an inch, it should overlap the first fold.  This is so when you sew down the middle, you will sew both pieces at once.

I was making 3 burp clothes, so that is why I have 3 pieces of material.  Next, fold down the end of each and iron.

Measure up, how far you want the 'ruffle' of material, I did 5 inches on mine.

I could  have pinned the material on, but instead I just used a vanishing marker to draw a dotted line along the material 5 inches up from the bottom all the way across.

Instead of gathering my strip first, I just folded the material as I sewed in on to make the 'ruffle' look.  Just sew right down the middle, following along the dotted line.

Then I added some rick-rack down the middle.  I just sewed it right on top of the line I had just sewed.

Finally, just iron it again in the tri-fold and it's all done!

Here are all three that I made this time.


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