Monday, September 3, 2012

Popsicle Flags

For Labor Day, I thought the girls could make these popsicle flags.  MK was taking a nap and wasn't ready to get up, so B just made them both. :)

Popsicles (15 per flag)
red,white and blue paint

Start by lining up 13 popsicle sticks.
Run a bead of glue down each side and glue another popsicle stick on.  I used hot glue, but you could also use white glue.

Turn the piece back over and draw a square in one corner, paint this blue.

Then you just paint every other stick red and white to make the stripes!

Put 50 dots on the blue section for the stars.

Add a couple magnets on the back.

And that's it all done!  Super easy and fun since kids LOVE to paint!


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