Friday, August 10, 2012

Washi Tape Letter

I am just loving this washi tape I got off of Rubee Lane, so many cool things to make with it.  MK and I made a 'M' for her bedroom door!!

Washi tape
Letter (I got this one at Michael's)

MK decided she wanted to use all the polka-dot tape I got.  So, we just started sticking it down in various directions to make a plaid look.  I would start the tape for her and the she would just press it down. 

Once we had the front like we wanted it, I carefully wrapped pink polk-dot tape around the edges.

I folded the tape around the back of the letter.  When I got to a corner I just cut a slit in the tape, so it would lay down flat on the back of the letter.

It was a little tricky getting in the inside lines of the M, but I just took my time until it was done.

I stuck it up on her door using some double-sided tape.

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