Friday, August 17, 2012

Teacher Survival Kit

I decided to make B and MK's teachers a 'Teacher Survival Kit' for back to school. This was super simple and fun to put together.

bag or box to hold items
anything a teacher might need to survive!! :)

Here are the supplies I got for mine:
small bag of trail mix
granola bar
granola square
lint brush
hand lotion
Disposable toothbrushes
Tide stain stick
Vitamin C drink mix
Cough drops

A lot of the supplies I picked up in the travel size section of items at Target.  I will probably add a few things to the bags if I see anything else before school starts.  The bags I got at Target on clearance for $0.88!!  Originally, I had planned to use pencil boxes for the items.

Then it's just pretty just fill the bags!

Then I made a little 'Teacher Survival Kit' tag for the outside.

And that was it, all done!

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