Friday, August 31, 2012

Shaving Cream Gift Bags

I've seen a couple pictures online painting using shaving cream and either food coloring or acrylic paint, so I thought I'd give it a try and make some gift bags.  Here are some other fun ideas I saw online, here and here.

Here's what you need:
shaving cream (plain white kind)
acrylic paint
throw away pan or something to put the shaving cream in
toothpicks and Popsicle sticks
white lunch bags

Start by spraying the shaving cream into your tray, then smooth it pretty flat.

Next, add a few drops of the paint colors you want to use.  I would suggest only 2 or 3 colors.

Using the toothpicks and Popsicle sticks, swirl the paint around in the shaving cream to make a sorta marble look.  Really, the less swirling you do the better the look.

Next, place a bag down in the tray and gently press.

Then carefully pull the bag up.  There may be some globs of shaving cream on the bag, I sorta scraped them off some using a Popsicle stick.  But, don't worry too much about it.  After the bags dry the shaving cream just falls right off.

Sit them out to dry overnight.

Once dry, rub the bags gently and the excess shaving cream will flake off.  It's best to do this over a trashcan or something that will catch it.

You will end up with this cool 'marbly' design!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Doll Beach Towel

Here's a quick sewing project I did with my 7 year old, B.

Supplies: Old or new beach towel (we got ours at Walmart for $4!!)

Start by cutting a rectangle 13 x 23 inches.  We were making two beach towels, so we cut two rectangles.

Fold in the edges aboutt 1/4 to 1/2 inch and pin.  The top edge of ours was one of the finished edges of the original beach towel, so we didn't need to pin it.  There is no need to fold it under twice, just once is fine.

Then just sew around the towel.

That's it, two baby doll beach towels!  These would be perfect for American Girl dolls.  We use ours with our Cabbage Patch dolls.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Teacher Survival Kit

I decided to make B and MK's teachers a 'Teacher Survival Kit' for back to school. This was super simple and fun to put together.

bag or box to hold items
anything a teacher might need to survive!! :)

Here are the supplies I got for mine:
small bag of trail mix
granola bar
granola square
lint brush
hand lotion
Disposable toothbrushes
Tide stain stick
Vitamin C drink mix
Cough drops

A lot of the supplies I picked up in the travel size section of items at Target.  I will probably add a few things to the bags if I see anything else before school starts.  The bags I got at Target on clearance for $0.88!!  Originally, I had planned to use pencil boxes for the items.

Then it's just pretty just fill the bags!

Then I made a little 'Teacher Survival Kit' tag for the outside.

And that was it, all done!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Washi Tape Letter

I am just loving this washi tape I got off of Rubee Lane, so many cool things to make with it.  MK and I made a 'M' for her bedroom door!!

Washi tape
Letter (I got this one at Michael's)

MK decided she wanted to use all the polka-dot tape I got.  So, we just started sticking it down in various directions to make a plaid look.  I would start the tape for her and the she would just press it down. 

Once we had the front like we wanted it, I carefully wrapped pink polk-dot tape around the edges.

I folded the tape around the back of the letter.  When I got to a corner I just cut a slit in the tape, so it would lay down flat on the back of the letter.

It was a little tricky getting in the inside lines of the M, but I just took my time until it was done.

I stuck it up on her door using some double-sided tape.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Handprint Picture

I've seen a lot of hand print crafts on the internet recently and so I decided I'd give this another go.  I have made a couple hand print items before here and here

Inspired by Family Mag blog had a cute idea for embroidering hand prints.   Initially, I wasn't sure if I would make a pillow or some kind of picture out of the design.  In the end I decided on a picture for the wall. 

embroidery floss
scrap material
picture frame

Cut muslin to desired size, I cut mine a little large because initially I wasn't sure if I would make a pillow or something else.

Trace one child's hand on with a vanishing ink pen, I started with B's.

Put the material in a hoop and start sewing.  I just did a simple back stitch.

Next, I traced Mk's hand on with the vanishing ink pen.

Then I just back stitched her hand print.

Then I sewed their initials on and the year.

I ironed it and then picked a piece of scrap material I had on hand and a canvas I also already had.

I pinned the hand print rectangle to the material and sewed it on top.

Then I used my staple gun and stapled it around the canvas.

That's it, all done!

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