Thursday, July 26, 2012

Strawberry Teacher Gift

Today is MK's last day at her daycare.  It is bittersweet, but after a few weeks of vacation, she will start pre-K at B's school where we live. 

I made this going away gift for her teacher, she is one of our favorites and has taught both of my daughters. I originally saw this idea on Inspiring Pretty's blog. 

Here's what you need:
Strawberry scented lotions, etc.
container or bowl
red 'filler'
plastic wrap

I started by making two felt strawberries.  I downloaded the pattern from Lit'l Brown Bird's website.  These turned out so cute and are super easy to make.

Using the pattern cut the red and green felt accordingly.  Then sewed 'seeds' on the red cut-outs.

Next sew up the straight side of the berry, stuff and sew around the top, pulling and gathering the top closed.

Then sew the little green top on top!

I knew I wanted to connect my two berries, so when I finished sewing the green top on the first one, I pulled the needle through the middle of the top.

After sewing the bottom red part of the second berry, I sewed the top on using the green string from the first berry.

Next I assembled everything in the bowl and put the 'filler' around the edge.  I used some extra red potpourri I already had on hand.  

Tape the card to the top of the pencil.  The card says 'We couldn't have picked a better teacher than you!'  I just made it on my computer and glued it to some red card stock.  Wrap the plastic wrap around the bowl and gather at the top.  Stick the pencil in the center.

Tie the ribbon around, tying the strawberries on and that's it, all done!

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  1. Can we freeze this day, and keep her little a while longer? I know her teacher will cherish the gift and miss MK greatly.