Friday, July 27, 2012

Simple Rag Wreath

I'm always looking for something to do with all the scraps of material I have, so I decided to give a rag wreath a try.  B (my 7 year old) made this whole wreath by herself.

scrap material
wreath (dollar store)

Start by cutting and ripping the material in strips.  Ours were about 2 inches wide by maybe 12 inches long.  Just make sure the length is long enough to go around your wreath and tie in a knot.

Once you have all your strips, just start tying them in knots around the wreath.

And keep going....

As you go, keep pushing the ties closer together.  I think the more pieces you can get on the wreath, the better it will turn out.

We hung the wreath on the bedroom door to B's room, it goes great with her letter 'B' (from Target dollar spot).


  1. I am stopping by from Whimsy Wednesday...and I stumbled upon this AMAZNG post. I am pinning this immediately! I have made a similar wreath, but I like the colors you selected!
    I wanted to invite you to a link party I am hosting right now...a link party for OLD posts. You know, those things we posted when only our moms and husbands were reading our blogs...or is that just me?? Anyway, let's get some more traffic and pins out of those posts!
    Hope to see you there!

  2. thanks for bringing this to the oldie's party!