Friday, July 13, 2012

Basic Tote

Here are instructions for a basic tote I made to carry corn-hole bags.

Here's what you need:
material (1 yard for this size)

For this tote, I cut the material 17.5 inches by 15 inches.  You will need 4 pieces of material.

Just for fun, I made the stripes on the outside of the tote long ways and the lining sideways.

Cut two pieces of interfacing 17.5 inches x 15 inches and iron to the wrong side of outer pieces of fabric.  This material was a little bit heavier weight, so I only used interfacing on the outside material of the tote.  If you use a thinner material, you might have to put interfacing on the outside and inside lining.

Then just place right sides together and sew up the outside of the tote and the lining.

Next, make the corners into a triangle and measure down 2 inches from each corner, pin.  Do this on the outer and inner liner of the tote.

Sew across where you pinned.

Turn the outside of your tote, right-side out.

Leave the lining part as it is and slide it inside the outer tote.

Now make the handles.  Cut two stripes of material 3 inches by 22 inches (or however long you want your handles to be.

Fold in the edges about 1/4 inch and iron.

Fold in half and iron again.

Sew down the edge.  You can sew down both sides if you like, but for this bag, I just sewed down the open side.

Next fold over the outer part of the tote 1 inch and pin down in a few spots.

Then fold down the inner lining 1 inch and pin to the outer part of the tote.  Pin the seams on either side first so the line up, then just pin around the top of the tote.

Next measure where you want your handles to be.  For this tote, I measures 3.5 inches from the seams on the either side.  The tote handle was 20 inches long.  Slide the tote handle between the liner and outer part of the tote and pin.

Then just sew the the inner liner to the outside of the tote.  When you get to a handle, reverse sew over it a couple times to make it extra secure.

That's it! This concept can be easily modified to a messenger bag or a smaller/larger tote style bag as well.

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  1. This is Gorgeous! I just adore the stripes and the tutorial is beautiful! You make it look soo simple for the sewing challenged like me! I am your newest follower~
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    Amie @ Pinkapotamus