Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Tie Necklace

A few months ago, I a made this cloth necklace and someone told me they had seen one made similarly using a men's necktie.  So on my last trip to the GW, I searched for a red and blue striped necktie to give it a try.

This is what you need...
beads (I used 1" styrofoam balls because I did not have enough left over beads in the size I needed.)

Start by coming about 3/4 of the way down from the skinny part of the tie and tie a knot.

Put a bead in at the skinny part of the tie and work it down to the knot, then just tie a knot on the other side.

Continue in this fashion for two or three more beads.  Be sure to leave enough of the tie with no beads to tie in the back.

Then just start beads from the other wider side of the tie and continue tying knots between them.

Once you have the length you want (I used 6 beads), carefully cut the lining out of the ends of each side.  This will make it easier to tie them together.

Then just tie the two ends together and cut the excess off.

Since I used a Navy and Blue tie, this will make a great 4th of July necklace, but the possibilities are endless!  I think this would make a nice sentimental gift too if you used a father's or grandfather's or husband's tie as the necklace.  You could also use a tie from a special occasion as well. 

Happy 4th of July!!


  1. such a great idea! love your blog - now following

    Xo Megan

  2. Great idea with the tie! I see so many cool ties while thrifting that I never know what I would do with them. Thanks! pippa