Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple Tank Dress

While I was in Boston a few months ago, I picked up some cute red, white and blue fabric on sale at a fabric store.  I thought I could make something super cute for the 4th of July with it.  I decided to follow this tutorial at A Small Snippet blog and make a tank dress with one teensy modification....I added pockets!

Here's what I needed....
elastic thread and regular thread
material (you can use the same or contrasting, I used a contrasting material for my pockets)

I made this simple pocket pattern by tracing a pocket from one of my skirts.  Here's a link with a basic pattern. I then cut 4 pockets from the sailboat material. 

Following the tutorial for the dress, I measured around twice where I wanted the top of the skirt of my dress to hit, then I cut this in half, so I had two equal lengths of the red,white and blue bird material for the skirt.  Next I pinned the pockets 4 inches down from the top of each piece of bird material.  This measurement will vary, you will need to hold the skirt up to you and figure out where you want your pockets to hit.  Pin the pockets on each side right sides together and sew on.  Each half of the skirt should have 'pocket' patterns on it, one on each side.

This is what you will end up with....

Next pin the skirt halves together matching up the pockets.  Also pin around the pockets.

Sew the sides of the skirt together, when you get to the pocket just sew around it and then back to the seam of the skirt.  After you are done and you turn the skirt right side out, you will have pockets in the seam.

Next, I just followed the tutorial and used elastic thread to sew along the top of the skirt.  Be sure to set you sewing length on long or it will not gather properly.

Continuing to follow the tutorial, I cut my tank to the desired length and pinned it to the skirt.  This is the tricky part and the part you DO NOT want to forget.  Match the side seams of the skirt up to the side seams of the tank, else your pockets will not end up on the sides of your dress.  Then just sew the tank on as described in the tutorial. 

Then I made a sash out of the bird material.  I had to sew a few pieces of material together to get the length I wanted because I was almost out of material!!

And here's the final product...

This dress took me an hour to make, NO LIE!  It was so simple, I am sure I will be making more of these.

Happy 4th of July, it's almost here (can you believe it!)!!


  1. I love the way the dress came out. The fabric flower embellishing the tank is such a great touch. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  2. SO cute!!! We are going to feature it this week, be sure to stop by Two Sasters and check it out:)