Friday, June 1, 2012

Simple A-line Skirt

A couple weeks ago I picked up this super cute striped material at JoAnne's.  I knew I wanted to make a a-line skirt with it.  It had been a while since I made one, but it came together quickly in less than 1.5 hours!! 

Here's the supplies...
1 yard of material
3/4 in. or 1 in. elastic
tape measure

These directions will make a skirt that will fit probably a Small to Medium size.  For large sizes, you will need a little more material.  For my skirt, I used a yard of material or 36 inches, if your measurements at the widest part of your hips is more than 36 inches or close to, you will need more material.  Start by cutting the material in half.

Lay the material wrong sides together.

Measure the width and divide by 3.  Multiple that by 2, to figure out 2/3 of the material.  My calculations are below... 

Measure along the top 1/3, for me that was 12 inches and mark with a fabric marker.  Then measure along the bottom 2/3, for me that was 24 inches and mark with a fabric marker.

Using a straight edge, connect the two marks.  I just drew a line with my fabric marker since it disappears after a few minutes.

Next cut through both pieces of material down the line.

You will end up with four pieces of material the same size and shape.

 Next fold the straight edge up to the diagonal and cut along the bottom on all four pieces. This will make hemming easier later.

Next sew all four pieces together along the long edges.  I didn't even pin mine, I just sewed them up.

Next make a casing for you elastic at the top by ironing down the top edge, sewing and feeding the elastic through.  Then just hem the bottom to the length you like.

Here's the finished skirt, all ready for me to wear this Spring!!

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