Friday, June 8, 2012

Simple Clutch

Last month I saw this clutch on Sew Mama Sew! blog and decided I'd give it a try.  This was a pretty quick project, I added a few additional features to mine.

I used this froggy material I got while I was in Boston and some sea sucker material I already had on hand. 

I'm not going to go through every step for how to make this purse, because you can see it here, but I started by cutting my fat quaters (1-frog material, 1-sea-sucker material, 1-interfacing).  The frog material is a heavier weight, so I did not use interfacing on it.

I made a pattern myself out of newspaper and cut it out of the material.

Then came the tough decision of what rick-rack to use.  I decided on the dark green.

I spent some time getting the rick-rack pinned on just right before sewing, but it went pretty easy sewing it on.

Next, I decided I would make some card pockets inside my clutch.  So before sewing the two pieces together, I made these little pockets on the sea-sucker or lining side of the clutch.

I also wanted a strap to use around my wrist, so I fashioned one out of the sea-sucker material.

Then it was just a matter of sewing all the pieces together.

I then made the flower, like she has on her clutch.  But, I put a pin back on mine so I could take the flower on and off.  I sorta like mine without the flower.

 Pretty simple and it came together in about 2 hours.  I am sure I will be making more of these!

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  1. Such a cute bag! I love the print you picked! Love this DIY!