Friday, June 15, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Skirt

I call this my Saturday Afternoon skirt because you can literally make it in a Saturday afternoon.

You will need:
1 inch wide elastic enough to go around your waist (pull it a little tight when measuring)
Strip of material approx. 3 times as long as waist size (you can also go with 2.5 times as long for a less full skirt); width of you material should be the length you want your skirt plus 4 inches

For this example, I did a coordinating navy dot fabric as trim on the bottom and top. If you would like to do the same, you will need...
Two strips of contrasting material the length of the skirt material
   One strip should be 4 inches wide
   One strip should be 6 inches wide

For my skirt, I used 1 yard of the green fabric and a quarter of a yard of the navy dot.

In order to get a strip of the green 3 times the width of my waist, I cut the yard of green material in half, then cut the two halves so they equaled the amount needed.  I then sewed them together to get one long piece and then sewed the two ends together so I ended up with a loop of the green material, like this.

One one side of the loop, fold the edge down two inches and iron. This is going to be the waist of the skirt.  (If you weren't going to use the contrasting material, you could sew this up right now to thread the elastic through for the waist of the skirt.)

Take the strip of 4 inch wide blue dot material, fold in half and iron.  Pin this along the top of the skirt with about 1/8 inch of the blue dot sticking out over the top of the green material (you can see what I mean in the sewing machine picture at the bottom, sorry I didn't get a better shot of this).  Sew it on along the edge of the green material at the top and then again at the bottom, 1/2 inch in.  You will end up with a channel to thread your elastic through.  Because you are sewing this channel, you will have an opening where the ends the navy material meet that will be easy to slide the elastic into. Slide the elastic around by putting a safety pin at one end and pushing it through.  Once all the way through, sew the two ends together.

Here is the top edge after the elastic is in, you can see the bit of navy dot material peaking out.

Next fold the bottom of the skirt up 2 inches and iron.  Take the six inch wide piece of navy material fold and iron in half.  Pin this to the bottom of the skirt, depending on how long you want your skirt to be you can have more or less showing.  I have two inches showing on mine.

Here is the finished skirt!  My only regret is not putting pockets in it, oh well, next time!

P.S. This also makes a great skirt for a little girl too!

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