Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Monday...May 28

Hello Monday...

Hello Neatest Hand-Writer Award Winner, All A's All Year Certificate Winner and the END of 1st grade...

Hello clean camper leaving for a boys weekend trip to Charlotte motor raceway....

Hello sad Linus watching daddy leave....

Hello bags packed for the first pool trip....

Hello beginning of Summer and two happy girls that finally got to go to the pool....

Hello Memorial Day.... And thank you to all the troops that keep our country free!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

'Mason Jar May' - Toothbrush Holders

Here is my last post for 'Mason Jar May'.  But, be on the lookout, I have a couple more things I made with the jars that I will be posting over the next few months or so. 

So, I think it's pretty obvious that a mason jar would make a cute rustic toothbrush holder on it's own.  But, I was inspired by my ring holder to make a toothbrush holder for the girls pink and brown bathroom. 

Again, I used supplies that I already had on-hand to make these...
pink yarn
brown yarn
hot glue

Just start wrapping the yarn around and hot gluing every so often.  You don't need a lot of glue, just a dot here and there.

When you switch colors of yarn, leave a little tail that you can the wrap over.

That's it, pretty simple project!

When I took it upstairs, I noticed the girls Dixie cups fit nicely in the

I went back down to my art room and made a second jar to house them.

Here's a more detail picture of how to wrap and hide the tail of the yarn when switching colors.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

'Mason Jar May' - Lanterns

Here's my third post for 'Mason Jar May'.  Don't know what I'm talking about??  Read more at this post.

I made these lanterns in Fourth of July colors.  Everything I used in this craft I already had on hand, so this cost $0!!

scrap fabric

tea lights
paint (optional)

Start by ripping the material into long narrow strips, you will need 3 strips per jar.

 Next, tie a strip around the jar and thread the two other strips in on either side.  I tied a bow in the front, but you could also leave it without one.

Then just tie the long strips on either side together, drop a tea light in and it's ready to hang.

Here are a couple others I made.

Next, I tried wire.  I used soldering wire because it is easy to bend without pliers. First just run a loop around the top of the jar and hook together in the back.

Next thread a long piece through each side.

 Using pliers, I twisted the ends around the handle, like so...

I thought it looked a little plain, so I added a bow.

Then I got the idea to decorate a jar with paint, so I painted a big letter 'B' on a jar.  This was a gift for my sister-in-law.

Using the same method above, I added material to the jar.  I also added some white dots to the 'B'.

This is a pretty simple craft, using recycled materials and left over supplies!!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

'Mason Jar May' - Ring Holder

Here's  the second in my series 'Mason Jar May'.  In that lovely pile of mason jars were several tiny jars, that were so cute!!  I decided to make a couple ring holders out of them. 

small shallow wide top jar
buttons (or other embellishments)
hot glue gun

I started by wrapping and hot gluing some left over yarn I had on hand around the top of this jar.  Don't go 'crazy' with the hot glue, just a little every now and then as you wrap is fine.

Excuse the band-aid, I had some trouble with a knife while making PBJ mini-sandwiches for B's birthday party last month.   Anyways, after I wrapped it up to the top with yarn, I added some green rick-rack that was my grandmother's.

Finally, I added this cool wooden button I picked up at a button store in Boston. read that right, there was a store dedicated to buttons (and some other sewing/knitting items).  They had a whole wall of tiny boxes...<sigh>...a 'little piece of heaven' to a crafter. And yes, I did gasp a little when I saw the wall and the guy working there asked 'First time, here?'  Guess he'd seen that look before.

This little green jar will go in my kitchen window to store rings and other jewelery items when cooking or washing dishes.

I made a second one for my bedroom in turquoise and orange, so cute!  Love this color combination!

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