Monday, April 2, 2012

Chocolate Easter Bunny Banner

You guessed it, I made another pennant banner for Easter!!  Here's how I made it!

White pom-poms

I started by drawing a simple chocolate bunny shape on paper and cutting it out to use as a pattern.  Then I ironed interfacing on the back of the material I was going to use to make the pennants.  I wanted to do this, so the material was a little heavier.

Next, I used my pennant pattern and drew the pennants on the interface side of the material and then cut them out.

Then I ironed the Wonder-under to the back of the brown polka-dot material and traced my bunny pattern on.  I needed 3 bunnies for my design.

Next, I carefully pealed the paper backing off the bunnies, placed them on the pink pennants and ironed them down.

Using the binding, I pinned the pennants in place and then sewed them on.

Finally, I hot glued little white pom-poms on for their cotton tails!


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