Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Rulers

Every year, we make homemade valentines.  This year, I made these to give out to some family and friends.

Wood rulers
Wood hearts
Red paint
Red or pink Sharpie

First paint the wood hearts red.  You could also use pink for the hearts if you like.

Once dry, glue to the end of each ruler.  Write 'Valentine, You Rule!' on each ruler using a Sharpie.

Once the glue for the heart is dry, turn each ruler over and glue a magnet (or two) on the back.  I was using some left over magnets I had, so for some I had to use two small magnet pieces.

That's it... a cute and useful Valentine gift!

I also make Valentine's with my Sunday School class that we mail to shut-in members of our church.  I modified this using card stock, so we could mail them. The kids loved making them!!

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