Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Conversation Heart Necklaces

Do you love those little conversation hearts that appear on store shelves every February?  It is one candy I look forward too every year, but I'm a little picky about which brand I buy.  The Brach's are ok, but my truly favorite are the Necco brand candy hearts.  Using the conversation heart idea, I made these necklaces for Valentine's Day!

Wood hearts
Paint (red, light pink, hot pink, light blue)
Clear Spray
Pink string
Jewelry round bail plate
Jewelry Lobster Clasp
Jewelry ring

Start by paint the wood hearts.  I used light pink, hot pink and light blue.  I did two coats on both sides.

One dry, paint a conversation heart saying on each. I stuck with pretty generic ones.  If you are making these for teenagers, I think 'Text Me' or 'BFF' would be cute.  Just google 'conversation hearts' and you will get lots of pictures of the hearts for ideas.  After you paint the sayings on each, spray with clear coat and let dry.

Next glue a round bail plate to the back of each heart.

Once the glue is dry, cut a length of string 18 inches long.  

Thread the string through each heart, tie a lobster clasp at one end and a ring at the other for hooking.  That's it, the necklaces are all done!

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