Friday, February 24, 2012

Organizing Clips

At the beginning of the school year, I got a set of wire wall baskets from Pottery Barn.  My plan was to use them for organizing the girls school work.  Mr. Mac hung them on the wall for me and I got some cute folders on clearance at Target for each.

All the papers coming home from school and dance, I was still keeping clipped together with a magnet clip on the side of our fridge.  I decided I should add some clips over these baskets for those papers.  So, I made some!

Supplies Needed:
Wood plaque (any craft store has these)
clear spray

Base coat the plaques any color combination you like.  I went with green/blue and did opposites on each plaque.

I wanted to have each girl's initial on their plaque.  Using chalk, I drew out the initial, then painted it on with the orange paint.  Make sure to measure up using the clothespin to know where to put the initial.

Next, I added some dots and dashes to the letters/plaque to give it a little more character.

Finally, I added a few coats of clear and glued the clothespins down.

Now just hang them over the baskets and everything is neatly organized in one location!

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