Friday, February 17, 2012

Dressed Up Sweater

Last year for Christmas, I got this purple sweater as a gift.  It's from Old Navy and is pretty cute on it's own. But, I recently bought some rick-rack on and got inspired to jazz this sweater up.

I started with this...the sweater, the rick-rack and my button jar.

I tried a few combinations of the rick-rack. I knew I wanted to use 3 of the colors I got.  I then dumped some buttons out and just started randomly picking ones that went with the rick-rack.  I ended up with this pattern.

Next, I glued down the buttons using fabric glue, so I wouldn't loose the pattern. I put a piece of wax paper inside the sweater to avoid gluing the front to the back.  Then I just hand sewed all the buttons on.

I then pinned the rick-rack on and sewed it using my machine.  I measured every to often to ensure I was sewing it on straight.

And here's the finished sweater!!  Amazing what a few buttons and rick-rack can do!


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  1. Super-cute, Wendy! I wish I'd seen that rick rack on PYP because I love the colors!

    Thanks for sharing at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!