Friday, January 13, 2012

Hippie Flower Headband

Here is a pretty simple flower headband that you can make in less than an hour!  I made mine with felt, but any fabric will work.

Here is what you need for the one I made:
Two sheets of felt
Elastic Headband
Glue gun
Something round to trace around
Dowel or pencil

Start by tracing around your circular object, I used the top one of my spray cans of paint.  Then just cut out a stack of circles.  I cut out 15, but ended up only using 12.  I used two colors of yellow felt.

Lay one circle on your table, this will be the bottom of the flower.  Using a pencil or dowel, wrap another circle around it.  Put a dot of hot glue on the tip and press it into the middle of the circle on your table.

Continue in this manner filling in around the bottom circle.  You may need to glue some of the circles together to get the shape/design you want.

Next turn your flower over and hot glue another circle to the bottom, this is to cover up anything and to add extra support. 

Next hot glue the headband across the back and cover with a rectangular piece of felt to secure.

And there you have a totally cool hippie headband!!

If you didn't want to make a headband, you could also glue this to a pin back and make it into a pin or glue it to an alligator clip for a cool hair clip.

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